About Us

Nappanee Power from the Past has as its main purpose the preservation of agricultural history.  This includes information, documents and artifacts related to the invention, development, and use of farm tractors and related equipment. The Club aims to educate present and future generations about the use of (but not limited to) antique tractors, steam engines, trucks, trains, implements and equipment (including construction & industrial) and show them at work.   While the primary emphasis shall be on farm tractors and related equipment, the interests of the Club shall also include, but is not limited to, associated toys, books, pictures, articles, garden tractors, walk-behinds, and the like.

Everyone is welcome to participate – even if you don’t own any equipment!

Our Objectives

The Club holds regular meetings to discuss old tractors, engines, primitive equipment and to help others obtain parts, engines, and to solve problems; promote fellowship among members; hold shows of various old tractors, engines, and primitive equipment, and to be active in community events such as parades; to work toward the preservation of engines, tractors, farm, construction & industrial machinery and primitives; provide activities that will be oriented toward family participation and will encourage interest of youth in historical preservation and the activities sponsored by the Club; and to provide charitable contributions to the community.


Any person regardless of age, sex, race, religion, national origin or disabling condition, who is interested in participating in the Club, is eligible for membership. Payment of annual dues shall be required of all members. Membership is $40 annually.

To become a member, please join us at one of our upcoming events.